Private Investigation, Surveillance, Vehicle Tracking, Person Tracing, Asset Location and Enhanced Background Check Services across the UK

As a leader in the field of UK Private Investigation, The Lancer Group can play a pivotal role in providing you with the answers you need and withdrawing any notions of doubt. Whether that’s through Surveillance, the use of vehicle tracking or static observations for personal or corporate tasks, our Nationwide team of highly skilled professional ex Military or Police background PI’s will obtain that evidence to bring the situation to a rapid conclusion.


We provide a 24-hour, 7 days a week service to react swiftly and discreetly to your private investigation requirements.

The Lancer Group UK are a specialist team of trained Private Investigators with a wealth of covert and overt experience and knowledge. 

Communicating at every step of the way with a clear and concise approach, they provide a range of expert professional P.I. services to achieve the truth of a situation without compromising the law or ethics.

A professional Private Investigation surveillance team will formulate a detailed plan of action to an extremely high standard. Whether matrimonial, employee sickness or corporate surveillance we achieve your objectives and discreetly deliver them.

Our vehicle tracking uses a GPS system that can provide specific telemetric data that can monitor a vehicles location and show real time analysis of where it’s at.

TLG use state of the art devices by highly experienced operators. They are competent and are constantly researching the latest industry advances.



The Lancer Group are highly experienced in Person Tracing and Background Checks across the UK.

As this method of finding a person is becoming more and more popular, we are able to use our experience, knowledge and discreet and empathetic approach to achieve the desired result. Our 2 main types are Basic and Enhanced checks, the results include Current Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Registered Business information and much more.


Covert Cameras can serve many purposes and are perfect for security, the gathering of information, secret filming and more.

Whatever your needs are for our covert cameras, they will help to capture every second of every day meaning you can see what happens within a room, outside a building or wherever they are placed.

Bug sweeping is becoming a progressively popular service. However, not all companies can promise precise or dependable results because they don’t have the right depth of experience within the (TSCM) Technical Surveillance Counter Measure field.

TLG use state of the art equipment that is operated by highly experienced operators who are competent and are constantly researching the latest industry advances.


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Confidentiality assured

Working with the Lancer Group was brilliant. It was eye opening experience and I would definitely recommend Neil and TLG. Neil went beyond initial instructions and did work that he wasn’t paid for. Answered all my questions, gave me plenty of good advice, kept me update and nothing was too much. Overall, I highly recommended to work with.


My child was parentally kidnapped/abducted without consent from England to Scotland. I needed her mothers address for lawyers and court proceedings to commence. After trying to find my daughter for 10 months on my own I employed Neil from The Lancer Group and had her address within 24 hours. Fast, professional and with a human understanding of my impossible situation. I can now move forward in a positive way.


From the outset of our consultation The Lancer Group demonstrated professionalism and discretion.
Throughout the investigation I was kept up to date with findings and was given a detailed report with imagery at its conclusion which supported my case.

E Sinclair


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